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How to Improve Roosters’ Plumage?

There are various factors that can influence the appearance of roosters’ plumage. Some of the most important factors during rooster breeding to maintain beautiful and high-quality plumage include:

Nutrition: The shine, strength, and quality of roosters’ plumage are directly related to their diet. To ensure strong and brilliant feathers, they need a diet that meets their nutritional requirements, especially during the molting season when they require more nutrients. During molting months, a higher intake of fats and proteins is needed. Some veterinarians recommend the use of vitamin supplements to enhance the condition of their feathers.

Mating: Attempting to mate roosters during molting or feather changing is a waste of time because reproduction is impossible during that stage. Moreover, it would affect the health of their feathers and consume more energy than they have during rooster fights.

Avoid Touching Feathers: During the molting season, it’s essential to avoid petting or touching the rooster’s feathers as they are more delicate and can be damaged. Over time, their fascinating colors will start to appear.

Habitat: Individualization, which means separating roosters and hens into separate cages, is the best way to prevent damage to each other’s feathers during the feather-changing stage.

Treatments for Improved Plumage:

Soybean Oil: Roosters should receive an adequate amount of fats and proteins to maintain their feathers’ shine and strength. As soybean oil is rich in proteins, it is recommended for use.

Flaxseed: As it is rich in proteins and fats, flaxseed has properties that help give roosters’ plumage a shine during the molting process. It can be used whole or ground, but the complete or partial extraction of its oil should be avoided.

Sunflower Seeds: Sunflower seeds contain a high amount of vitamin E, proteins, and healthy fats, which help improve roosters’ plumage. Many poultry keepers use it as an addition to their birds’ diet.

By focusing on these factors and providing appropriate care, roosters can maintain and even enhance the beauty of their plumage. It’s essential to prioritize their nutrition, avoid undue stress during molting, and use beneficial treatments to keep their feathers in optimal condition. With proper care, your roosters will boast magnificent plumage, making them even more captivating creatures on your farm or in your backyard.

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