Multivitamins Promoter Rodent 500ml


Multivitamin for rodents from 02 to 10 pounds

  • Reduces the risk of suffering from diseases.
  • Helps recovery from illnesses.
  • Facilitates anxiety and stress control.
  • Facilitates healing and regeneration of cell tissue.
  • Improves the immune response.
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Complete liquid supplement with vitamins and minerals. PROMOTER RODENT provides your pet with the necessary nutrients to be in optimal condition and enhances its innate immunity. Its high antioxidant content helps combat nutritional imbalances.


  • From 1 lb to 2 lb: 1 ml.
  • Greater than 2 lbs. up to 10 lbs.: 2 ml.


Suplemento líquido completo con vitaminas y minerales. PROMOTER RODENT proporciona los nutrientes a tu mascota para estar en óptimas condiciones y fortalece su inmunidad innata. Su alto contenido de antioxidante ayuda a combatir los desequilibrios nutricionales .


  • De 1 lb a 2 lb: 1 ml.
  • De más de 2 lb a 10 lb: 2 ml.