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How to Calm Your Pets During Christmas and New Year?

One of the biggest fears that your pets can have is the fireworks during the year-end celebrations. Calming them down during the fireworks can be challenging, as many of them experience high anxiety and tend to hide, run, or seek refuge with their loved ones. But there are also other common issues to consider.


You can use the Tellington Ttouch Method, which serves to address tension areas in animals closely linked to undesirable behaviors such as anxiety and fear. Physical balance will affect their behavior: it’s a simple wrap with a piece of cloth that can even save dogs’ lives.

The Christmas Tree:

Both dogs and cats find the Christmas tree very attractive. Natural products may release twigs that they should avoid eating. Cats love climbing trees as a game, so you must ensure they don’t attempt to climb it, as it could lead to both the tree and your property falling.

It’s crucial to keep the floor free of plant debris to avoid ingestion if it’s a natural tree. During the night or when no one is at home, it would be advisable to restrict our pets’ access to it for safety.

Opting for an artificial tree is another way to avoid the risk of twigs and fertilizers. You can choose a tree with a sturdy and firm base or anchor it to the ground to prevent it from moving and falling when the cat climbs on it.

Christmas Lights:

The small lights we usually put on trees and nativity scenes can pose a danger to our pets. If they bite them or if there’s a technical malfunction, it can harm the pets or cause accidents at home.

The best thing to do is not to leave the lights on when we’re not at home. It’s even better if we can unplug them to avoid potential electrical issues.

During installation, it’s important to keep the cables well organized, as loose wires will attract their attention, and they might want to play with them. Camouflage the cable under a rug to prevent them from nibbling on it.

In summary, taking care of your pets’ safety during the holiday season is essential. Use the Tellington Ttouch Method to help them with anxiety, ensure the Christmas tree is secure and non-toxic, and be cautious with Christmas lights. By following these tips, you can ensure a joyful and stress-free festive season for both you and your furry companions. Remember to prioritize your pets’ well-being and enjoy the celebrations together!.

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