Tie cords – Amarradores para Gallos


Leashes for Chickens, Roosters and Hens.

fighting cock leashes are accessories specifically designed to provide safety and control during the handling of fighting roosters.

Measure: 90 cm (long)
Material: Rope with synthetic leather.
Estimated delivery between 06/12/2023 - 12/12/2023
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Leather Bird Leash

These adjustable straps possess exceptional strength, ensuring the rooster remains securely restrained to prevent any potential escape. With the added peace of mind they provide, both breeders and the bird can experience a sense of tranquility.

  • Easy and durable hitch.
  • Strap with leather hook woven into the strap for greater resistance.


Content: Pack of 12 units.
Pattern: Birds.


Estas correas son ajustables y tienen una resistencia que ayudan a mantener al gallo quieto para evitar que escape, brindando tranquilidad tanto para el criador como para el ave.

  • Enganche fácil y duradero.
  • Correa con enganche de cuero tejido en la correa para mayor resistencia.


Contenido: Pack de 12 unidades.
Patrón: Aves.