Leather Case for Roosters and Hens


The Leather Case for Roosters and Hens is a high-quality and durable accessory designed to safely transport and protect birds. Made with sturdy leather, this case ensures reliable protection for your poultry. With its stylish design and robust construction, it offers both functionality and aesthetics.

Estimated delivery between 05/12/2023 - 10/12/2023
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  • Material: Synthetic leather.
  • Capacity: 20 spaces
  • Open measure: 16.50 cm x 11.40 cm
  • Closed measure: 20 cm x 11.40 cm
  • Holster for poultry implements and/or accessories.
  • Made with synthetic leather and embroidered details. Metal closure.


Content: Unitary.
Pattern: Birds.



  • Material: Cuero sintético.
  • Capacidad: 20 espacios.
  • Medida del estuche abierto: 16.50 cm x 11.40 cm.
  • Medida del estuche cerrado: 20 cm x 11.40 cm.
  • Funda para implementos y/o accesorios avícolas.
  • Confeccionado con piel sintética y detalles bordados. Cierre metálico.


Contenido: Unitario.
Patrón: Aves.