Vitamin B12 Plus Iron for Poultry Liquid Supplement 500ml


The benefits of giving vitamin B12 to fighting cocks, as I observed, it is useful to regulate the nervous system of fighting cocks, it helps reduce stress and fatigue, increasing their strength.

Iron reinforced.
Stimulates the appetite.
Oxygenates the blood.
Increase energy.
Helps recovery.
For roosters, hens and chickens.

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Iron Plus – Vitamin B12 plays a crucial role in promoting growth and supporting the healthy development of the nervous system, red blood cell synthesis, and optimal gastrointestinal function in birds. Our product is specially fortified with iron and essential amino acids, providing your bird with everything it needs for comprehensive development.


Administer 1ml of B-12 directly into the bird’s beak, or alternatively, mix 30ml with four liters of water for easy consumption.



La vitamina B12 juega un papel muy importante en el crecimiento, contribuye al desarrollo normal del sistema nervioso, la síntesis de glóbulos rojos y el buen funcionamiento del tracto gastrointestinal del ave. Nuestro producto está reforzado con hierro y aminoácidos que tu pájaro necesita para un desarrollo completo.


  • Dar 1ml de B-12 directamente en el pico o si lo prefiere mezclar 30ml en cuatro litros de agua.