Semental Breeding Supplement for Rooster – 100 Tablets


SEMENTAL is a recommended product that serves for optimal performance in fertility, performance, and health of poultry. It aids in the production of the testosterone hormone for roosters experiencing increased physical wear due to stress.

It is a blend of amino acids and minerals for roosters. It increases energy and improves endurance. Our formula is fortified with Maca and Yohimbe.

Estimated delivery between 03/12/2023 - 08/12/2023
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Experience a range of benefits with our poultry supplement, carefully designed to enhance your flock’s performance:

+ Improved fertility
+ Muscle mass
+ Quality chicken
+ Fast recovery
+ Physical performance


  • From 8 months of age after deworming:
  • Roosters in the breeding period: 1 tablet daily.
  • Roosters in resting period: 1 tablet every four days


Experimenta una variedad de beneficios con nuestro suplemento para aves de corral, cuidadosamente diseñado para mejorar el rendimiento de tu grupo:

  • Fertilidad mejorada
  • Masa muscular
  • Pollos de calidad
  • Recuperación rápida
  • Rendimiento físico


A partir de los 8 meses de edad después del desparasitado:

Gallos en período de reproducción: 1 tableta diaria.

Gallos en período de descanso: 1 tableta cada cuatro días.