B15 B12 for Roosters – 100 Tablets



Vitamins B12 and B15 combination acts as a stimulant for tissue oxidation, methylation processes, and the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins.

Vitamin B12 helps stimulate the formation of red blood cells, rapidly delivering higher proportions of oxygen to the muscles and blood.

Vitamin B15 increases brain activity, putting the rooster on alert during the event.

Estimated delivery between 05/12/2023 - 10/12/2023
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The combination of vitamins B12 and B15 is ideal for treating anemia and stimulating appetite. Our formula is reinforced with electrolytes, which helps reduce dehydration problems in situations such as transport, diarrhea, and overpopulation.


  • Roosters: give 1 tablet a day for 5-6 days before the event, and 1 tablet after the event.


La combinación de vitaminas B12 y B15 es ideal para tratar la anemia y estimular el apetito. Nuestra fórmula está reforzada con electrolitos, lo que ayuda a reducir los problemas de deshidratación en situaciones como transporte, diarrea y sobrepoblación.


  • Gallos: dar 1 tableta al día durante 5-6 días antes del evento y 1 tableta después del evento.